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Our best letter of introduction is the one given by our clients as a means of gratitude and satisfaction for our work.

We obtain a greater satisfaction when this is endorsed by accomplished by societies, companies and highly qualified & experienced professionals

At Dglobal, we feel very fortunate to have the confidence and loyalty of our clients, with whom we have shared many paths along more than 20 years of experience in the world of professional events.

Such is the success and positive results obtained, that in 2015 we set out to build a new project: the creation of a new department specialising in congresses, with a gifted team of professional´s with long and successful experience in the sector, and also employing the latest in technology e innovation.


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Congresses & Conventions

For the Medical and Industrial sector


Commitment to our customers in search of excellence in management through the creation of value. Flexibility and innovation in our technology, through the work of a team of qualified and of high responsibility, allows a high degree of competitiveness in the sector.


At Dglobal we work to provide a comprehensive support in all areas: from creativity, organization, production and corporate events management, to the evaluation of results. This global vision of the project transforms your investment into a competitive advantage


Having a team composed of members with extensive professional experience is guarantee to maintain the enthusiasm and commitment to each new project in terms of counselling, consulting, organization and management, optimizing their results without losing the idiosyncrasies of each sector.


Complete organisation of Events


For Companies and Groups

Travel and Incentives

For Companies and Groups



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    “ One of the best secrets in life is that all that’s worth doing, is what we do for others ”

    — Lewis Caroll —

    “ Well done is better than well said ”

    — Benjamin Franklin —

    “ The value of an idea lies in the use of the same ”

    —  Thomas Edison  —

    “ Sometimes is not a question of having new ideas, but stop having old ones ”

    — Edwin Land de Polaroid —

    “The quickest way of improving ourselves is to be with people that already are as we wish to be”

    — Reid Hoffman —

    “ There is only one way to start building your dream: Stop talking and start doing ”

    —  Walt Disney —


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    Dglobal is much more than just a company of events and conferences, we offer added value in all of our projects, we are also very committed to innovation in all its aspects, and we integrate and develop custom technologies in our projects.


    added value

    Dglobal is much more than a company of congresses, events and trips, we offer added value in all our projects, integrating technologies and services like:

    • Permanent Secretary for Societies
    • Community Manager for Social Media
    • Press and Communication
    • Corporate web, Community Forum & Professional Blog
    • Broadcasting on WhatsApp
    • Event web with management Software
    • Creative design department
    • Sponsorship and exhibition
    • Use of multiple technologies such as advanced QR,  Dglobal POKEN system, and many more…

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    Dglobal Eventos y Congresos

    Palacio de Congresos y Exposiciones de Torremolinos


    Phone: 649 822 136